Super Dynamite Fishing explodes onto the Android Market

Java smash gets a super reworking

Super Dynamite Fishing explodes onto the Android Market

The idea of spending hours sitting in one place on a small boat (or on a wet riverbank) doesn’t fire up the excitement centres of the brain for the majority of people, which is why fishing has this reputation for being a little boring.

Take the act of catching our scaly cousins and throw in some explosives, though, and suddenly everything sounds a lot more exciting.

At least, that’s what HandyGames is hoping with its latest Android release - Super Dynamite Fishing.

As you can probably guess, the aim of the game isn’t to carefully attach bait, lower it gently into the blue, and then drink copious amounts of beer, but to sling a batch of TNT over the sides and pick up the bodies as they come to you (slightly scorched).

Super Dynamite Fishing is the ‘super’ edition of the original Java version, with re-worked graphics and touch controls suited to its new home.

There are two versions for download - one with ads and a paid version without - so if the idea of slinging explosives sounds appealing, you can pick it up by following the above links to the Android Market website.