Super Crate Box update submitted to Apple after crate milestone reached

Crate expectations met

Super Crate Box update submitted to Apple after crate milestone reached
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That didn't take long.

Just two days after release, players of Super Crate Box have together managed to liberate over 5 million of the cube-shaped objects from the clutches of whatever those creatures are that come down from the top of the screen.

While we're big fans of both manic retro-platformers and arbitrary numbers here at Pocket Gamer, that 5 million has more significance than first appears.

Crate news

For one, there are at least 5 million crates in the UK (probably), but, more importantly, it's also the number Vlambeer said needed to be met before it released an update to the game.

You might be a particularly pedantic so-and-so and query this, suggesting, maybe, that the game has already received an update - but that was just to fix the iPhone 3G launcher bug and therefore doesn't count.

True to its word, Vlambeer has posted that it has submitted the first (second - pedantic ed.) update for Super Crate Box to Apple, so expect to see new stuff for the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning title popping up on the App Store soon.

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