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Super Cat Tales review - A super cute and super good platformer

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| Super Cat Tales
Super Cat Tales review - A super cute and super good platformer
| Super Cat Tales

Cats, and I say this as someone who loves them, are terrible creatures. They're mean, lazy, and generally do nothing to contribute to society.

The cats of Super Cat Tales are therefore wildly inaccurate, given that they are more than willing to run around everywhere, climbing walls, swimming, and generally platforming all over the place.

And while it may not accurately convey the real life of a cat, Super Cat Tales does provide an extremely fun, clever, and well-designed platforming experience you should not miss out on.

Getting around

The objective of Super Cat Tales is pretty clear – you need to move from the left of the screen to the right of it, dodging enemies, picking up items, and finally making it to the end of the level.

Controls are incredibly stripped back, with walking handled by tapping and holding the left or right side of the screen dependent on which way you want to go.

A swift double-tap triggers your cats sprint, and if you sprint off the edge of a platform, you'll leap through the air.

Walking into walls starts you off climbing them, and you can wall-jump to gain access to higher locations and small passages embedded in the walls.

There's a variety of cats to play as too, each with their own special skill. The first can run furthest up walls, and you'll soon unlock cats that can break through walls, swim against strong currents, and access dark places.

Hidden depths

You'll need to do some back-tracking to make the most of these new cats, as some stages have hidden exits that unlock secret levels, as well as collectibles that can only be picked up when you have the required cat in your party.

For a game that only has two "buttons" to control it, Super Cat Tales is fantastically well-designed. Each level is built perfectly with the restrictions in mind, and you'll never be frustrated or confused at any point.

It can be pretty tricky too. Enemies line your path, and even a brief touch will stun you and give you a five-second penalty on your end time. Take two hits in quick succession and you lose a life and are kicked back to the world screen.

It never feels unfair, however. Your mistakes are most definitely your own, and there's a good difficulty curve in place that makes sure you never feel overwhelmed or completely at ease.

She's beauty, she's grace

And it is a truly beautiful game, with adorable graphics and love and attention found in every corner, all punctuated by occasional meows from your cat companions.

Super Cat Tales is therefore essential. Even if you're not a huge fan of cats, there's an incredibly fun platformer underneath the cutesy exterior to keep you interested.

It does a lot with a little, using its compact two-button control scheme to define its entire design, with spectacular results. If you are looking for a mobile platformer to sink your teeth into, this is it.

Super Cat Tales review - A super cute and super good platformer

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Ric Cowley
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