Summoners War: Chronicles announces upcoming collaboration with legendary anime sensation One Punch Man

Summoners War: Chronicles announces upcoming collaboration with legendary anime sensation One Punch Man
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Popular RPG Summoners War: Chronicles has announced that it will host its latest collaboration later this month, this time with the legendary anime/manga series One Punch Man. This crossover will come with new collectable and playable characters alongside a nice handout to offer players a higher chance of rolling for these new characters on the event-limited gacha banner.

In case you aren’t familiar, Summoners War: Chronicles is a spinoff title within the series, giving players a new way to experience the wonderful world that the franchise is known for. Where Summoners War originally began as a turn-based gacha RPG, Chronicles takes it to the next level by turning it into an action-adventure third-person RPG instead, tossing out the turn-based nature altogether and replacing it with a real-time-based combat system.

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And if you somehow haven’t heard of One Punch Man, it’s a massively popular anime and manga series that is satirical in nature, but also is most known for its incredible action and fight scenes, making it a perfect match for something like Chronicles.

As for this crossover, the primary selling point is of course the new characters that players will be able to roll for on the new gacha banner. These are the legendary cyborg Genos, the frightening Silver Fang, the psychic witch Tatsumaki, the great wise teacher Garou, and the B-class hero Fubuki.

All of those are essential fan favourites for lovers of One Punch Man, so there’s sure to be someone for every interested player. And to top it off, Chronicles will also be handing out a hefty coupon on the premium currency, making it even easier to grab some Elite Scrolls so you can roll for your favourite!

If all of that sounds interesting to you, the Summoners War: Chronicles x One Punch Man collaboration will begin on April 27th. In the meantime, why not get a headstart and download the game for free at either of the links below?

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