The Summoners War: Chronicles' crossover with One Punch Man is now underway

The Summoners War: Chronicles' crossover with One Punch Man is now underway
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It hasn’t been too long since Com2uS released Summoners War: Chronicles and they’re already set to launch its very first collaboration event. Two weeks ago, the popular RPG announced that they would be teaming up with the legendary anime series One Punch Man, bringing a tonne of new themed playable characters and events to the game. Well, that day is almost here as the collab event goes live very soon.

What players are looking most forward to is the list of One Punch Man characters that will be joining Summoners War: Chronicles. Fans of the show are in for a ride because pretty much every major member is making its way here, albeit, as Monsters. There’s a total of eight of them varying between four- and five-star.

  • Fire-type Monsters – Genos and Atomic Samurai
  • Water-type Monsters – Garou and Silverfang
  • Wind-type Monsters – Terrible Tornado and Hellish Blizzard
  • Dark-type Monster – King
  • Light-type Monster – Mumen Rider
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Okay, so that list probably has you a little disappointed because it doesn’t mention the protagonist, Saitama at all. While the One Punch Man himself won’t appear as a Monster, players can find him in multiple forms such as an NPC and in dungeon quest cutscenes.

Regarding the Monsters, they will be using combat techniques like Spiral Incineration Cannon and Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, which have been pulled straight from the frames of the show. Players can acquire these creatures through the special Elite Selection Scroll.

If players are looking for a challenge, then the Evolution of Ascension Dungeon is the place to be. With Carnage Kabuto as the final boss, it is guaranteed to be a tough battle, but the rewards are the end of it making it so much worth fighting for. On top of that, a number of daily missions and login events will be available too.

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