World of Goo creator's multiplayer strategy game Subterfuge comes out on October 15th

We all live in a tactical submarine

World of Goo creator's multiplayer strategy game Subterfuge comes out on October 15th
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Ron Carmel (World of Goo) and Noel Llopis (Amazing Alex) are bringing their multiplayer submarine strategy game Subterfuge out for iOS and Android on October 15th.

We first heard about Subterfuge in late 2014 when the handy trailer below was released. It's handy as it makes explaining how Subterfuge works a bit easier.

The gist of the game is this: you enter a week-long game against multiple online players competing to be the first to accumulate 200 kilograms of Neptunium.

It plays out in real-time with each player taking a turn, usually a couple of times each day. You'll get notifications when it's your turn.

To generate Neptunium you need outposts so you can mine the seas. So a lot of the conflict is based around these outposts.

You can try to take outposts by force by sending a submarine over to attack enemies. Or you can be diplomatic and ally with other players against the dominant ones.

But even if you do make friends you will eventually have to betray each other if you want to be the eventual winner.

You can read through the rulebook for a more detailed account of how the game works.

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Subterfuge has changed a lot of the past three years of its development and the payment system is no exception to that.

What Carmel and Llopis are trying out is making the game free to download. You can also play it a little without paying a thing.

But if you get into Subterfuge and want to unlock all of its features then you can pay £7.99 / $9.99. That'll be the only thing you ever need to pay.

Paying this price lets you have unlimited scheduled orders (making commands in the future), play rated (or ranked) games, keep private notes about other players, create private games, and play multiple games simultaneously.

Although Subterfuge isn't due to come out until October 15th it will go into open beta before then. You can be notified of when it does by signing up on its website.