Ex-Boom Blox devs attach themselves to iOS with upcoming platformer Stick To It

I'm rubber, you're covered in needles

Ex-Boom Blox devs attach themselves to iOS with upcoming platformer Stick To It
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Separation anxiety is a terrible thing, to be sure, but we've never seen a spiky orange blob and his cycloptic mother afflicted by this terrible condition.

This traumatic scenario is the unlikely backdrop for upcoming iOS platform-puzzler Stick to It, the first game for Apple's mobile platform from indie outfit Magic Pixel Studios.

Dreamed up by some of the devs behind the Wii, mobile, and N-Gage gravity playground title Boom Blox, Stick to It puts you in control of a weird-looking tangerine sphere called Spike.

Getting stuck in

Your mission, then, is to guide Spike back into his mother's arms. To do this, you must navigate our hero around obstacles, up steep inclines, and over conveyor belts.

Luckily, Spike has the ability to shoot sharp spines out of his body like a narky porcupine. This allows him to stick to surfaces - a trick he can use to attach himself to walls, moving platforms, and the like.

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From the looks of the trailer, Stick to It offers the full suite of classic video game environments (grass world, fire world, ice world, etc.), spread across 80 levels.

You can grab Stick to It on February 8th, when it will be available on iPhone and iPad for £1.49 / $1.99.

Download it within the first 72 hours, however, and you can have it for free.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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