StarGazing launches Aries Season, bringing 18 new animal constellations to the game

There are now 69 constellations in total. Nice.

StarGazing launches Aries Season, bringing 18 new animal constellations to the game
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Whitepot Studios has released a new update for its starry-eyed pattern-puzzler StarGazing, adding new constellations to the game on iOS and Android devices.

There are now 18 new beautiful puzzles to solve in the game, with each one having its own hand-drawn hints and cosy zen beats to accompany it. Some of the new constellations include Canis Major, Lynx and Camelopardalis, with the total number of puzzles in the game now rising to 69.

As before, there are leaderboards to climb with these new puzzles, but StarGazing isn’t intended to be a hardcore competitive and should be enjoyed as a meditative experience.

If you’re unaware of what it is, StarGazing is a puzzler about completing dot-to-dot connections to find constellations in an atmospheric night sky. It features a lo-fi zen soundtrack and chilled vibe, where you can casually stargaze and find these connections in as much or as little time as possible.

You can also unlock cute collectibles for finding these constellations as well as achievements if you enjoy filling a checklist of activities. Whitepot is planning on adding more constellations as the zodiac seasons roll around.

Bryan reviewed the game when it released three weeks ago, calling it “a fun and relaxing astronomical puzzler that is great at creating a flowing experience.”

You can download StarGazing now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play title containing adverts with an in-app purchase to remove these ads.

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