Starborne: Frontiers is a new sci-fi MMO, out now on Android in the Philippines

Starborne: Frontiers is a new sci-fi MMO, out now on Android in the Philippines

Starborne: Frontiers is a brand new tactical MMO that takes place in a galaxy filled with numerous resources and ten quarrelling factions fighting on your side. You will need to recruit members for the fleet, destroy the competition and conquer the frontier to build the most powerful fleet humanity has ever seen.

Game features

Starborne: Frontiers will allow you to travel to the edge of the galaxy through a beautifully rendered starscape filled with treacherous nebulas, uninhabited planets, and inhabited space stations.

You will need to grow your fleet by recruiting ships from the most powerful factions in the galaxy. Each is designed with its very own tech and specialities. After recruiting members, you can strengthen them with customizable upgrades and various pieces of equipment for preparing them to take on the most powerful competition the galaxy has to offer.

You will need to deploy various tactics to emerge victorious, with being given enough freedom to play on your own way, choosing from a thousand combinations of ships, equipment, and upgrades. You will have to deploy and guide your fleet on the battlefield, where every single move could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Game download

Starborne: Frontiers is currently available to download for Android in the Philippines through Google Play, while there has been no information so far regarding the global launch and a potential iOS version. An APK version is available to download to play in other regions, but it is best to wait for the game's official launch in your area.


Starborne: Frontiers might appeal to fans of MMOs, and particularly so for anyone with a penchant for space settings. It promises enough features to keep players entertained.

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