Star Wars: Tiny Death Star launches in Australia for iOS and Android

Currently available in Alderaan places

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star launches in Australia for iOS and Android

Both the gaming and Star Wars communities were pretty excited when Disney Mobile and Nimblebit announced Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - an upcoming tower builder for iOS and Android.

But after the excitement of the unveiling faded, the big question mark left hanging at the end of Tiny Death Star’s announcement was when would it make its way to the phones and tablets of players around the world?

We still don’t know for sure, but our guess is somewhere between 'very soon' and 'really soon' considering that it's now available on the Australian App Store and Google Play.

That means if you live down under, or have access to an Aussie iTunes account, you can download it now and play for free.

We had a chance to preview Tiny Death Star recently and were pretty amused by the fact that we got to play as Darth Vader and take orders from Emperor Palpatine.

After our preview, we noted that, "if you were taken in by NimbleBit's skyscraper sim, you'll find a lot to like. And if you like Star Wars, the game's loving references to the franchise - from Hoth-themed ice cream shops to tiny pixelated wookies - will make it worth the download."

We'll be sure to keep you updated with news on the global release of this one which, hopefully, won't be too far off.