Dual cannon action in Star Wars Lethal Alliance DS

DS-only features of Ubisoft's 'first original Star Wars game' for the handheld announced

Dual cannon action in Star Wars Lethal Alliance DS

As we remarked on learning about the existence of Star Wars Lethal Alliance, Ubisoft didn't really overwhelmed us immediately with specifics about how the game would play in terms of its DS and PSP variants.

So slowly, oh so slowly, further details have been released, at least concerning what the company is calling the 'first original Star Wars game built specifically for the Nintendo DS', (somewhat ignoring Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith then).

Most notable is that this will be a fully 3D action game – as you can see from these first DS screens.

Set in the years between Episodes III and IV, you'll be fighting your way through the usual array of Empiric baddies. Taking the buddy approach, the odd couple in Lethal Alliance consists of Rianna Saren and her droid pal, Zeeo.

Saren is a Twi'lek, a race that seems to entirely consist of pretty, multi-coloured girls who wear tightfitting clothes and have two huge dreadlocks containing extra brains (insert chauvinistic joke here). She adopts a traditional run-and-gun approach, using the dual cannon – a weapon Ubisoft proudly announces as being unique to the DS game.

You get to play floating security droid Zeeo from a first person perspective. Reading between the lines, we expect his missions to be more tightly structured then Saren's, as Zeeo takes more of a defensive approach, or as Ubisoft describes it, 'multifunctional defensive and slicing support'.

Other DS-only goodies include a variety of stylus-controlled mini-games and an unlockable bonus mode once you've finished the main game. This involves a daring plan to capture the plans for the nascent Death Star, and will take you whizzing around the galaxy to well-loved locations such as Mustafar and Tatooine, as well as new made-up places like Despayre and Danuta.

Characters such as Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and fave Star Wars game character Kyle Katarn will all make an appearance, and various multiplayer mode are included too, with a four-player droid shootout one option, and a rather dull sounding hide-and-seek another.

Still in orbit, awaiting co-ordinates for landing, Star Wars Lethal Alliance DS is due for touchdown sometime in December.

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