Star Hogs' price drops from $4.99 to 99c

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Star Hogs' price drops from $4.99 to 99c
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I reckon when the Pocket Gamer Quality Index next rolls around, IUGO's Star Hogs will feature near the top.

The 'Worms in Space' game scored 8s, 9s and 10s when it came to reviews, although a couple of weeks after release it was nestled in the upper reaches of US App Store Top 100 at its original price of $4.99.

Its momentum probably hasn't been helped by the recent 1.1 update which is required if you want to continue playing online due to what are called "important online multiplayer synchronization fixes".

In that context - three weeks on - it makes perfect sense to drop the price to $2.99, which is what happened over the weekend, driving the game more than 10 places up the chart.

Now however IUGO has taken the tactical option and peggled(tm) the title down to 99c, although this Mega Sale! is labelled as being for a limited time only.

It will certainly be interesting to see how high this boosts the game back up. At time of writing it sits at number 63.

The 1.2 update - due soon - will no doubt help sales too. It features some graphical improvements, the addition of in-game peer to peer text messaging so you can "taut, tease, ridicule and praise", plus extra downloadable content for people using OS 3.0.

Still, if you want an example that licenses do matter on the App Store, just check out the position of Team 17's original Worms, which released at roughly the same time, reviewed less favourably and is still priced $4.99. It's also at number 9 in the chart, and indeed is the high priced game in the top 10.