Squad Busters nets 40 million installs in first thirty days, and $24m in net revenue

Supercell's latest release is on track to be a big hit

Squad Busters nets 40 million installs in first thirty days, and $24m in net revenue
  • Squad Busters' first thirty days has raked in more than 40 million installs and $24m in net revenue
  • While impressive, it's a far cry from Supercell's previous mega-hits
  • Is the mobile audience becoming fatigued by Supercell?

Squad Busters, Supercell's MOBA RTS, is set to bring in $24m in net revenue and 40m installs in its first thirty days. It also proved to be especially popular in the United States, which ranked first for players, followed by Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and South Korea.

However, while these numbers may be impressive, there's a worrying undercurrent for Supercell. Spending has been on the decline since launch, and the $24m of net revenue is much less than the $43m that Brawl Stars raked in during its first thirty days of launch back in 2018. Clash Royale meanwhile had taken in over $115m in its first thirty days back in 2016.

But most chillingly, installs have also been on the decline, peaking at 30 million in the first week and then below five by the end of the thirty-day period.

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Too much Supercell?

It's undeniable that Supercell has seen diminishing returns, even for a game like Squad Busters which they seemed to put a lot of faith in. For comparison's sake, our sister site points out that Honkai Star Rail brought in $190m in its first month, way higher than Supercell's latest release.

While Squad Busters is definitely a great game, we did mention that it fits very firmly in the already existing niche of Supercell games. Does that mean we're seeing a bit of Supercell fatigue? Quite possibly, but we'll just have to see how Squad Busters performs going forward.

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