Spooks mobile game not a secret any more

Check out screenshots of the spy-drama spin-off

Spooks mobile game not a secret any more
| Spooks

We reported in July that Gameloft had signed a deal to make an official Spooks mobile game, bringing the BBC spy drama to phones.

What we didn't have were screenshots, or indeed full details about the gameplay. We do now, after Gameloft sent us an expertly-disguised package hidden at a secret bridge dropping point email.

The game puts you in charge of an elite Spooks MI5 team, trying to save the UK from a terrorist nuclear explosion. You'll be working with team-mates Harry, Ros and Jo, who'll be familiar to fans of the TV show.

Gameloft says the plot was actually approved by the TV Spooks team, meaning it should be realistic. Well, just as unrealistic as the TV show. But you know what we mean.

You'll be testing your skills as an investigator and field-ops officer, with a selection of mini-games to search for clues, stop viruses in their tracks, and infiltrate an embassy.

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