Space Invaders Infinity Gene invades the iPhone

Taito's attacking aliens descend on humanity once more

Space Invaders Infinity Gene invades the iPhone

A couple of weeks back we heard that Taito was gearing up for another invasion of the iPhone with its cult re-imagining of the original arcade shoot-'em-up in Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

The game launched a surprise attack last night, appearing in a low orbit around the App Store, bringing with it an armada of line-drawn, pixelated xenomorphs to steal your time.

The Infinity Gene begins as an ordinary game of Space Invaders, but evolves as you fend off the attacking alien horde. Your ship is given free movement about the screen, and boss battles rage as you fight your way deeper into the cosmic throng.

It also lets you choose your own music from your iTunes library, though it's hard to resist playing it with just the deep white noise thud of the original as your only accompaniment.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is on the App Store now, so hit the 'Buy It!' button to launch your counterattack.