Sonic Jumps onto your mobile

Sega's hedgehog has already topped the charts, but his next game could have an even wider appeal

Sonic Jumps onto your mobile
| Sonic Jump

Sonic The Hedgehog: Part 1 is sitting pretty at the top of the mobile game charts, with Part 2 to follow later this year. But at E3 Sega was showing a third Sonic game that's entirely new.

Sonic Jump does for the spiky blue hedgehog what Hands On is doing for the Spider-Man in its new Spider-Man Webslinger game. In other words, Sega is turning Sonic into a one-thumb casual game that focuses purely on, yes, jumping.

It's a vertically-scrolling platform game, with each platform acting as a trampoline enabling you to bounce higher. All you have to do is move left and right to bounce on the platforms, while avoiding enemies and grabbing as many rings as you can. At the top of each level lurks the (obviously) evil Dr Eggman, who you have to bounce on repeatedly to defeat.

I had a quick bash at E3, and found it fun and instantly accessible. Hardened Sonic fans might think it's a bit wet, but if you found the initial outing a little fiddly or just too tough then Sonic Jump should give you a lift when it comes out later this year.