The top 10 characters that must appear in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

SEGAhhh they'll probably never happen

The top 10 characters that must appear in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

The original Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing had some of the best cameos and surprise appearances from SEGA characters ever.

Who could forget the moment we all got a bit giddy for the return of Ryo from Shenmue, whizzing about in his little forklift truck?

With Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed giving SEGA another chance to wheel out some classic heroes and villains, we've decided to give the company a helping hand by listing the top 10 characters we'd want to make an appearance.

And with our snazzy new comments system, you can let us know about any we've missed that you feel deserve another moment in the spotlight.

The cast of Dynamite Cop

The sequel to Die Hard Arcade on the Saturn, Dynamite Cop was the equivalent of a Streets Of Rage for the Dreamcast. In that it had an overly macho cast of heroes, complete with dumb names.

If we got our wish then Bruno Delinger, Jean Ivy, and Eddie Brown would work together in the same vehicle, swapping who was driving when the vehicles transform, with the others handling weapon duties and / or firing off one-liners.

Seaman from Seaman

Can a fish drive? Usually the answer is no, but then fish usually don't have emotions or hold conversations with their owners, so including a Seaman on this list is fine by us.

Obviously they'd be better in the underwater sections, obviously Leonard Nimoy is in the side seat, obviously you can only control the car using a microphone. Obviously.

Ethan Thomas from Condemned

He's such a grump is old Ethan. And by “grump” we of course mean “possibly psychotic homeless alcoholic”.

He's desperately in need of a bit of cheering up, then. Getting him involved with a kart racing tournament should put a smile back on his face. It'll be better than bludgeoning drug addicts to death anyway.

Professor Gerald Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog

It seems a little unfair that Eggman hogs the limelight all the time, what about his oft-sidelined grandfather? It'd be so easy to implement him into the game: all you need is a palette swap and a name change.

Besides, how many other games do you know that feature playable characters called Gerald? Exactly, case closed. Next!

The old man biker from Super Hang-On

Another senior citizen makes our list, though precise details about who he is are scant at best.

At the end of Super Hang-On your rider removes their helmet and – shock horror – SEGA pulls a Metroid and reveals them to be a bearded older gentleman smoking a pipe. He's clearly got the racing chops, so he's a natural fit for inclusion in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Segata Sanshiro from... uh... Japanese TV

Segata Sanshiro can throw a man in such a way, that when he lands on the ground, he explodes. When the fellow from the Japan-only Saturn advertisements plays baseball, he uses his foot in place of a bat. The robe adorned, bouffant haired hero beats up innocent kids for no discernible reason.

Therefore we demand his glorious return. Demand it, we say.

Sir Pepper from Clockwork Knight

SEGA should give this forgotten Saturn legend a buff with some Brasso, a couple of dabs of oil, and a little love by getting him in the new game.

Frankly, it's criminal that Billy Hatcher made the cut last time round, but this mechanical marvel didn't.

Eden from Rez

Eden is the artificial intelligence of the super computer in Rez, and throughout your travels through its mainframe, it transforms into a multitude of different forms.

What better character to be in a racing game that looks set to hinge on vehicles transforming depending on the scenario? We can't think of one, and we've thought about it for at least two minutes.

Dural from Virtua Fighter

In the Virtua Fighter games, Dural acts as an opponent that has access to a massive move set from the roster of combatants. In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, we envisage her as being able to drive any combination of vehicles, from any of the other racers.

Because every game with two player competition needs an overpowered character to moan about.

Tarou Sega from Segagaga

This one, above all others, will unfortunately never happen. Tarou (the guy on the left) is the lead character in a highly referential, Japan-only, late-era Dreamcast release that playfully documented the decline of SEGA as a company, in the form of an RPG.

Still, the young lad should make a comeback driving a multitude of vehicles that have been in the company's garages for too long – like a certain Ferrari Testarossa.

Peter Willington
Peter Willington
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