Songbringer: Some tips for your dark, intergalactic adventure

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Songbringer: Some tips for your dark, intergalactic adventure

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Songbringer is a sci-fi RPG that takes place in outer space. The game doesn't tell you a whole lot once you get through the intro but you'll immediately understand the controls. It has a Zelda-like feel to it while perhaps sprinkling in a bit of Dark Souls elements on this RPG cake. 

You are a young space warrior who has a robotic companion that is by your side to provides scans among other things. Your movement speed in the game is pretty quick so you'll never have to worry about a slow-paced experience. 

The combat is pretty satisfying too. Swinging the sword and whacking enemies with it is good fun and the world you explore is intriguing and full of mystery. The sometimes eerie music will play in the background as you explore this unique world. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when diving deep into the journey. 

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Swing Your Sword Often

You have a nice sword/lightsaber in Songbringer where each hit is pretty satisfying. Try and make use of it often throughout your gameplay. I don't mean swing it every second, but to keep in eye out for breakable objects that can open up new paths.

So really, try to hit things that pique your interest as you never know if it leads to anything. The worst that can happen is that you end up hitting nothing in awkward fashion then turn around and walk away slowly, forgetting what just happened.

Oh, and yes, there are enemies you can slice up too. You can either choose to ignore them and go on your merry way, or you can take them head-on and have them shake hands with your blade. How you approach it is up to you, but have that blade ready. One quick thing of note is that, early on in the game, there's an area where you won't have your sword but you still have a couple of other weapons.

Use Your Bombs

In Songbringer, you also have these little timed bombs that detonate after a second or two. These are great when dealing with groups of enemies. They're also helpful with certain types of foes among other things. And similarly, with the sword, they can open hidden paths.

There are certain spots where the sword will not be strong enough. You'll need to place one of these bombs to bust certain things open. And when you don't have your sword or when it's useless in different situations, that's where these beauties come in to play.

You can use them a couple of times before needing the recharge. It normally won't take long before you have them again in your inventory. So just know that, when all else fails, feel free to put one of these down and watch the fireworks.

Feel Free to Be Thorough

The world in Songbringer is bigger than you might expect. There are so many different areas to explore and with not a ton of guidance, you'll become very curious about your surroundings. There are different paths and hidden underground locations too.

The dungeon-like locations alone will keep you busy, depending on which ones you visit. Some will take you to totally different places. The exploration is just as interesting as anything. It's not an open-world game necessarily but it's very close.

It doesn't present itself as a linear experience and it adds to the game's mystique. So take advantage of the things you find and paths that are available to you.


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