Sociable Soccer's next update improves player AI, overhauls controls, and adds a competitive clan system

Big improvements on the way

Sociable Soccer's next update improves player AI, overhauls controls, and adds a competitive clan system

Sociable Soccer is one of the few football games on mobile that I've stuck with for more than a couple hours. Beyond the core arcade action being good fun, I reckon this is largely due to its regular stream of new updates.

Most recently, an extensive PvP mode was added, allowing more competitive players to duke it out online for neat rewards. It was a natural addition that works well and will no doubt become the go-to mode for most of us.

The game's next update has now been detailed, and it sounds like it'll be worth the wait.

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One of the biggest upcoming additions is the clan system. You'll soon be able to represent your club as a clan in weekly contests against rival teams, gradually pushing your club to the top of the World Rankings by winning matches.

Regular and Advanced player controls are set to be overhauled, offering improved player selection for faster, more responsive gameplay.

Another sizable improvement comes in the form of enhanced player AI. They'll now have a wider range of skills at their disposal to serve up a more varied challenge.

A number of quality of life improvements are also on their way, including quick access buttons for changing the in-game camera and turning autoplay on or off. For those starting fresh, the tutorial system has also been revised.

If you're yet to give Sociable Soccer a go, you'll find it available for download now from over on the App Store. It's of course an Apple Arcade title, meaning you'll need an active subscription to play.

Those looking to find out more can read my interview with Game Director Jon Hare from earlier this year.

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