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Super Slime Rush, Crescent Moon Games’ neon-filled 3D platformer, is available now for iOS

And Android version is also on the way!

Super Slime Rush, Crescent Moon Games’ neon-filled 3D platformer, is available now for iOS

Super Slime Rush’s gooey goodness has officially launched for iOS today! Crescent Moon Games’ funky platformer lets you roll around as a happy little slimeball through a neon obstacle course, avoiding giant hammers, conveyor belts, and spinning bars that stand in your way.

This refreshing burst of colour features a low poly style that boosts the feel-good vibes of the game. Jumping, rolling, and sliming away on the wacky course is easy enough with the dynamic and fixed joystick configuration plus touch controls, so there’s no reason to fall behind as you try to beat the time limit for each level. Also, you’ll encounter tons of power-ups along the way to help you, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these little treats to see what unique effects they bring to the table.

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Apart from nabbing as many collectibles as you can with each run, you can also unlock skins to customize your character through various challenges. As you complete each level, you can see your total time, coins collected, and total deaths so you can improve your performance and up your game with the next try. As for the frustration of plummeting to your slimy death each time, fret not - there will be checkpoints that provide a sigh of relief in each level.

There are 21 levels to overcome, along with special areas and hidden locations to make sure you reach 100% completion - all while you bop your head to the energetic tune accompanying you in the background.

Super Slime Rush is available now over on the App Store, where you can currently buy it for $1.99. It's also set to arrive on Google Play at some stage, though it's not appeared on the storefront at the time of writing. 

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