Braid-esque puzzler Sleepwalker's Journey looks positively dreamy

Nice night for a stroll

Braid-esque puzzler Sleepwalker's Journey looks positively dreamy

Despite most of the mobile gaming press at Gamescom centring on 11 bit studios's Anomaly Korea tower offence title, I have every reason to believe that the studio's new Sleepwalker's Journey game could be quite the - ahem - sleeper hit.

In this Braid-esque puzzler, you are in charge of managing the sleepy strolls of Moonboy, a somnambulating scamp who is sneezed off into a precarious dreamland by no less a figure than the Moon itself.

Because Moonboy is sleepwalking, he shuffles forward at an unhurried pace unawares of the dangers - and treasures - that await him. As his guardian, then, it is your job to make sure he clears a level safely and picks up some stars for his trouble.

Sleepwalking on the moon

Each level of Sleepwalker's Journey ends when Moonboy returns to his beloved bed, but the journey from start to sack is not an easy one. Environmental puzzles abound, and you will need to manipulate the environment to make sure Moonboy makes it back to his crib in one piece.

Many levels of Sleepwalker's Journey feature different pathways and multiple solutions, which is a nice way to challenge your creative problem-solving skills.

We don't have a firm release date for this game just yet, but we will keep you updated with more news on Sleepwalker's Journey as it becomes available.

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