App Army Assemble: Slayaway Camp

What better way to slay time?

App Army Assemble: Slayaway Camp
| Slayaway Camp

Each week, we get early access to an exciting upcoming mobile game and give it to a select few hardened mobile gaming experts that make up the App Army. We then feed these thoughts back to you, our audience, so you know whether it's worth your time or not. Gamer to gamer.

This week the App Army go crazy with the 80's themed puzzler Slayaway Camp. Play as a psychotic slasher hell-bent on murdering teenagers at a summer camp.

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Tom Clark

I am not normally a fan of hack-em-up games but this is great fun. It starts off nice and easy and gets harder as you play. The graphics are great and provides a good mix of Friday the 13th and Crossy Road.

The puzzles are well thought out and I highly recommend this to any fans of puzzlers or blocky gore.

Paul Manchester

I am enjoying the game so far even though I am not normally a fan of blocky graphics. It's a great pickup and play with gruesome Mortal Combat finishing moves.

Quincy Jones

I applaud Slayaway Camp for breathing new life into an old genre. There is a fantastic mix of puzzles and comedic kill-shots. It's surprisingly addictive and incredibly fun, I am going back for more!

Laura Egri

This is a great puzzler/hack-em-up with comedic elements. There are several satisfying ways to kill, all of which are paired beautifully with the Minecraft-like graphic style.

If you like puzzles and dark comedy then this is for you.

GGod Hand

The game starts off slow to get you used to the gameplay, but becomes challenging and the puzzles more complex over time. This game would get banned if it wasn't for the simplistic yet beautiful pixel graphics.

The levels parody classic horror movie scenes, and the kills are somehow hilarious. There are a load of levels to do and items to collect. This is a puzzler worth checking out.

Olivier Boesch

It's a sadistic, hilarious puzzler, which parodies horror movies. There is a real challenge in gameplay, which probably makes the murdering so much more satisfying.

An excellent puzzle game with a vast amount of content and it's hilariously entertaining.

Tobias Taylor

The gameplay is similar to Red's Kingdom, but with simpler graphics and twice as addictive. There is a load of content and is a must-have for puzzle addicts.

Bruno Ramalho

This game is a gem. You enact killings from famous horror movies and gameplay utilises the environment with traps to scare your victims into.

Slayaway Camp features simple gameplay, lovely puzzles, and neat graphics. I can't recommend this game enough.

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