Toy tie-in sequel Skylanders: Giants striding onto 3DS this autumn


Toy tie-in sequel Skylanders: Giants striding onto 3DS this autumn
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Super-sized sequel Skylanders: Giants is scheduled to stride onto the 3DS sometime this autumn.

Fresh from its development stint on the Silver Award-winning iOS title Skylanders: Cloud Patrol, Vicarious Visions is hard at work bringing the next entry in the toy tie-in franchise to Nintendo's extra-dimensional handheld.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Toys For Bob (developer of Skylanders: Giants for home consoles) producer Alex Ness revealed that the 3DS iteration of Skylanders: Giants would be a "completely different game than the Wii version".

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure proved something of a hit last year, with its integration of physical toys and platform gaming capturing the imagination of the younger demographic.

And in case you are worrying whether you'll have to fork out for an entirely new set of toys, Ness assures us that "all Skylanders toys will work with both games and remember all their adventures".

That sound is your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

Wii version of Skylanders: Giants pictured above.

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