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Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

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Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

To say that Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory's default control system on iOS took some getting used to is like saying that brain surgery is a little bit tricky.

This WWI fighter utilised both the touchscreen and the accelerometer simultaneously, and to many players was the digital equivalent of patting your head, rubbing your tummy, and performing advanced algebra all at the same time.

That's not to say that the interface made the game unplayable - far from it, as you can see from our glowing review of it. However, there was always room for a more intuitive system. And thanks to this well-produced Xperia Play port, we finally have it.

Take to the skies

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory on the Xperia Play is exactly the same as it was on iOS: you have the same dog-fighting action; multiple missions; online and local multiplayer; and several different planes to unlock. The interface, however, has been completely overhauled.

Now, all of your actions are controlled using the Xperia Play's physical interface. Rolling, diving, and ascending are all governed by the left-hand analogue pad, while horizontal movement is mapped to the Square and Circle buttons.

Speed and braking are assigned to the Triangle and X buttons, respectively, while the L shoulder starts (and switches off) your engine, and the R trigger fires your weapon.

Finally, the directions on the Xperia Play's D-pad activate the special manoeuvres which were originally accessed via touchscreen gestures in the iOS edition, and the right-hand analogue pad allows you to spin the camera around your plane, giving you a better idea of where the enemy lies in a heated dogfight.

Whites of their eyes

If you've already experienced the iOS edition of Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory, then this version will feel like an entirely new game.

The controls work brilliantly, allowing you to perform all manner of death-defying moves. Combat is improved dramatically, making it much easier to stay on the tail of your foe when engaged in battle.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory is not only a fantastic piece of software, but it also serves as a demonstration of just how much better Xperia Play ports can turn out in comparison to the original touchscreen-only release.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

The same compelling air combat gameplay remains, but with Xperia Play controls retrofitted to the fuselage, this dogfighting epic is even better than before