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Ski Safari: Adventure Time

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Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Ski Safari: Adventure Time is exactly what you'd expect. It's Ski Safari, with Adventure Time stuff shoe-horned in. And it works reasonably well, mixing the arcade thrills and spills of the original game with the bizarre look and feel of the cartoon.

There are some IAPs thrown in here and there, and a sprinkling of lines from the cast of the cartoon barked at you throughout every playthrough. It grates a little, especially if your only experience of Adventure Time is seeing a friend wearing a T-shirt once.

But there's enough fun to be had here that you won't begrudge it its screamed catchphrases and jelly-sweet look.

Ski so far

Much like in the original game you're sliding down a hill. Except this time you're Finn from Adventure Time. And the hill looks like it might be made of candy. There's still an avalanche racing after you, though, and if it catches up it's Game Over.

Tapping on the screen makes you jump in the air, and holding your finger down makes you perform languorous backflips to accrue more points and boost your speed. Various characters and creatures from the show are running down the same hill, and passing them lets you leap on their backs.

Different creatures and characters give you different boosts. Some can fly, some speed you up, but most mean you can take a hit from one of the many obstacles on the slope without getting your head stuck in the ground and having to frantically tap to get going again.

Sliding through huts gives you a boost too, and there are a variety of challenges for you to complete on your runs down the mountain, from performing a set number of flips to smashing the correct amount of rocks.

Fans a lot

There's a level of polish here that was missing from the first Ski Safari game, but the bones underneath the shiny cartoon glamour are the same as they ever were. So while the game is fun, it's a shallow experience that doesn't stick in the mind for long.

Fans of the show will likely lap it up, but for the rest of us it's just a slightly better looking, slightly more annoying Ski Safari.

Ski Safari: Adventure Time

A polished version of a solid game, Ski Safari: Adventure Time doesn't deviate far from the promise of its title
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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