SimCity gets built up for the iPhone

The immortal metropolis maker is unearthed

SimCity gets built up for the iPhone

Those lucky devils over at Kotaku have managed to get their hands on EA's iPhone conversion of SimCity, and were suitably impressed by the developer's solution to the problem of a touch controlled simulator.

The lack of a mouse is the main sticking point of the iPhone's version of SimCity, but it seems that extensive use of the handset's pinch 'n' pull zoom function makes up for the inherent inaccuracies of laying roads with a big fat sausage finger.

The details are also impressively maintained as it zooms into the sprites, and all the expected functions of an all-new SimCity - such as natural disasters and services - are included in full.

The game's due for release this month (hopefully worldwide, but who can tell with EA). You can check out our exclusive interview about SimCity with its producer Oliver Proulx while you're waiting.