EA Mobile building up for SimCity iPhone

Classic construction game revealed

EA Mobile building up for SimCity iPhone

This is excellent news. Not only was Urban Tycoon just been announced, but EA Mobile has fed us some teaser shots from its promised SimCity conversion - with a loose release date for later this year according to SlideToPlay.

Everything appears to be included, from constructing your own city from the ground up, to overseeing its management, catering for the populace and helping your metropolis thrive. Judging by these early screenshots, a lot of work has been done to maximise on the iPhone's potential, using pinch and pull controls to get right in on the street level action; and it looks quite amazing.

But it's not only the visuals that have been updated. Contemporary buildings, like mobile phone masts, computer centres and eco-friendly 'low carbon' constructions are also now included.

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