Popular iPhone shooter Silverfish hitting the iPad tomorrow as Silverfish Max

Max power

Popular iPhone shooter Silverfish hitting the iPad tomorrow as Silverfish Max
| Silverfish Max

Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning iPhone hit Silverfish is coming to the iPad as Silverfish Max.

If you're yet to get hooked on Chaotic Box's fast-paced shooter, you control a silverfish, whose aim is to destroy waves of space bugs.

This is achieved over four different game modes (Reaper, Onslaught, Scavenger, and Haste) each with their own little twist.

Onslaught, for example, tasks you with quickly destroying enemies in order to drive up multipliers and avoid being overwhelmed, while Scavenger invites you to collect tasty Proton pick-ups.

There are five Game Center leaderboards to conquer and 22 achievements for your imaginary mantelpiece.

Swimming upstream

You control your little silverfish by flicking your screen in the desired direction and tapping with two fingers to unleash power-ups.

However, Silverfish Max also allows you to use ION Audio's and ThinkGeek's iCade arcade controllers as inputs.

If all of this floats your boat, you can download Silverfish Max from the App Store, starting tomorrow.

The bait - sorry, game - will cost you £1.99 / $2.99 / €2.39.

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