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Minimalist puzzle game Silent Dot out now

Minimalist puzzle game Silent Dot out now
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A Belgian solo developer has released his first commercial product; a minimalist movement puzzle game called Silent Dot. The developer, Sander Vanhove, released his first foray into game development on February 22nd, 2022, and was influenced by games such as the Color series from Bart Bonte and Please, Touch the Artwork by Studio Waterzooi.

Gameplay-wise, Silent Dot is a fairly simple but engaging title. Using a hex-based map system, you will guide a dot to a shape of some variety at the end of the level using simple taps of your finger in as few turns as possible. Of course, with a premise as easy as that, you can expect variations on this ruleset, such as certain hexes turning off and on depending on your move. Essentially, one of the primary puzzles you will encounter are hexes that are filled with smaller dots within them, and these dots will rotate depending on what move you are on in the level. As you move, the dots within hexes will move, with some representing the state of the hex and some representing the opposite state. With environmental challenges such as these, you can expect to stay engaged with Silent Dot and wrack your brain looking for the solution to the over 180 levels that are currently within the base game. Alongside that large level count, there will also be three levels of difficulty, so Silent Dot is certainly launching with enough content to keep you busy.

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It would be foolish not to acknowledge the gorgeous visuals that are also being presented within Silent Dot. With a minimalist theme, the tilesets for each level are fairly simple but combined with a lovely background colour on each stage that changes per level, it can make for a really basic but still eye-catching look. Combined with a chill, quiet soundtrack, this would make a wonderful game to relax and unwind to whilst also still getting your brain going.

Silent Dot released today on both the App Store and Google Play, so if you're looking for an engaging but simple puzzler, give it a shot.

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