Out There studio teases Sigma Theory with a trailer and the first screenshots

Get a sneaky look

Out There studio teases Sigma Theory with a trailer and the first screenshots
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Mi-Clos Studio has a new Sigma Theory teaser video for us. Give it a watch above. Get a bit of background on what you're seeing below. Simple.

This is the Out There studio's next game, described as "a turn-based strategy game about spying and diplomacy."

It's set during a futuristic cold war. One in which the world's superpowers are competing to develop new technology after mankind made its greatest scientific discovery.

Sigma Theory

It's a new type of technology - known as "The Sigma Theory" - that is thought to be capable of destroying the global financial system, wiping out entire countries, or even granting immortality.

However, this technology can only be developed by a handful of scientists. And so these competing superpowers turn to espionage and backstabbing.

You participate in this, sending out special agents, drone armies, and betraying allies to get at those scientists and develop new world-changing tech.

Sigma Theory

There's no release date for Sigma Theory as of yet but it's confirmed for iOS, Android, and PC.

So, er, go and stare at the website and think up evil plans to take over the world while you're waiting. Also, get a look of those new screenshots.

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