How to get free gems in King's rummy 'em up Shuffle Cats

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How to get free gems in King's rummy 'em up Shuffle Cats
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Gems are everything in Shuffle Cats. You need them in the shop, you need them if you want a different starting hand, and you need them to play games.

Here's how to get some without spending real world money.

Play the mini game every day Game

Hearts or Spades is a simple mini game that you can play to win gems. You'll get a free play each day, or can spend a few gold bars to play multiple times in one game.

The idea is to guess whether the next card is hearts or spades. Each correct guess boosts your prize but each incorrect guess loses you a life. If you lose all three lives you'll walk away with just 1000 gems but you can cash out before then to get bigger prizes.

There's no skill or strategy here. You'll tossing a coin. You've got a 50/50 chance each time. So don't worry too much - just make sure you cash out as soon you lose two lives or you'll likely walk away with a measly 1000 gems.

Come back daily Daily

You'll get a bonus batch of gems each day. You'll see how many gems you'll get, and how many seconds you need to wait for the next prize bucket, on the front page of the game.

Just remind yourself to check back each day for more gems.

Play games! Play games

You know what they say: you have to spend money to make money. And it's true of Shuffle Cats, too: you've gotta spend gems to play games against other players but you'll earn gems if you win the game.

That means the pressure is on to succeed. Don't take any game lightly and always try to best your opponent. If you're struggling maybe drop down to a lower tier or take a break and come back later.

Rank up Rank Up

Every time you rank up you'll get a few free gems to spend. You can see your current rank at the bottom of the screen and you'll earn experience points whether you win or lose games. So just keep on playing.