Shovel Knight nearly made as much money on 3DS as it did on Steam

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Shovel Knight nearly made as much money on 3DS as it did on Steam
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Last week at San Francisco-based event Gaming Insiders, Capy Games president Nathan Vella shared some insightful stats regarding indie game sales figures.

Of those, perhaps the most surprising is that retro-style action platformer Shovel Knight nearly made as much revenue on 3DS as it did on Steam.

Vella shared a pie chart (pictured above) of Shovel Knight's net revenue distribution across different platforms.

Steam came out on top taking 32 percent but 3DS is right behind it at 30 percent.

Broken Age

You can also see in that same image that Double Fine's Kickstarted adventure game Broken Age made 61 percent of its net revenue on Windows PCs.

But mobile came in second place with 16 percent of the game's net revenue, beating PS4 and PS Vita.

"Shovel Knight broke the impression that indies don't sell so well on Nintendo, and Broken Age has a surprisingly huge following on Mac," Vella said.

"All of these games are generating significant amounts of net revenue from a whole bunch of different platforms. If you were to remove a single platform, these developers would be leaving a significant chunk of money behind."

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