Seven Knights 2 adds Child of Light Phine in latest update

Seven Knights 2 adds Child of Light Phine in latest update

Netmarble has just released an exciting new update for its popular mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. This patch brings a bunch of new content to the fray in the form of a Legendary+ Hero, costumes, and several limited-time events to participate in. There’s enough stuff to keep players occupied for another two weeks.

Joining Seven Knights 2 in this update is Child of Light Phine, a ranged support-type character who excels at helping her allies. Phine’s passive skill lowers the Skill Gauge Recovery Rate for everyone in the row. She further boosts attack and critical damage of all teammates on the basis of HP lost. A good way to use her is in squads that aren’t heavily reliant on ultimates.

Speaking of ultimate moves, Phine’s deals damage proportionate to attack, with everyone within a six-metre radius being hit. On top of that, the rest of the team regains some of their HP depending on max HP of the caster. The HP restoration part is what makes Phine quite a worthy addition to any team.

Besides her battle outfit, players will be able to get their hands on an alternate outfit for Child of Destiny Phine. It’s a more chilled look with Phine sporting a cute sundress. For some extra goodies on top of that, check out these Seven Knights 2 coupon codes for June 2023.

As with every update, this one also features numerous events that will remain available until June 21st. First off, a check-in event will grant 3000 Rubies and 5000 Maps to everyone that logs in for seven consecutive days.

Then there are a few dessert-based events which take players with completing various quests and daily missions in exchange for rewards such as Ultimate Legendary+ Equipment Set Selection Tickets, Forgotten Memory Pieces, and Phiné's Sweet Cakes. To top it off, a summon event will give away extra Mythic Elixir and Outfit Tickets.

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