Sdorica cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about levelling up fast

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Sdorica cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about levelling up fast
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Sdorica is the kind of game it's hard to pull yourself away from. Charming art, charming characters, charming guides to read online written by charming folks. What's not to love?

Getting beat, that's what's not to love. And if you're sick of getting beat yourself, well, it sounds like you need some tips on levelling up and getting stronger.

It's not easy, but with a few tips from us you'll definitely be able to sail through Sdorica at more of a leisurely pace. So read on for everything you need to know about levelling up in Sdorica.

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Invest soul energy

If your team is lagging behind a little bit in battle, then you should see if you've got spare Soul Energy to invest in their development. This is especially important if you haven't already been spending your Soul Energy as you get it.

If you do have a stocked supply of it, well, time to unleash it on your roster. Prioritise the characters you use most often, or the ones that are weakest - whichever you think is more pressing.

You'll get Soul Energy after most missions, and if you're struggling with something, investing it all will at least help you towards your goal, if not help you complete it entirely.

Sdorica Sunset Resonate

You can also improve the skills of your team mates by Resonating. Resonating certain, very specific, items with a character can unlock new powers, or generally just improve the strength of an existing ability.

Always check whether you can Resonate or not, as the powers you earn from using Resonate just might be more useful than actually levelling up your party with Soul Energy - though it's more difficult to achieve.

Again, pick which character you'd like to Resonate most, and then search the market to see whether any of the materials you require can be earned with the easily earnt Curren currency.

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Post, missions, powers

When it comes to getting stronger, especially when it comes to getting what you need to Resonate, the missions you complete and the post you get to your inbox will contain a variety of rewards.

Keep your eye on these, especially if you're just starting out, because you'll go from a small-time adventurer with a lack of funds, to a fairly fearsome character with a decent amount of funds for some flexible fun.

Whether it's gathering Curren for the market, crystals for the Harvest Infuse, or special items for the Million Infuse, completing these missions and making sure to tap on them whenever you see the exclamation mark appear, will help you move forward.

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Events to venture

Check the events tab under Journey regularly for new events and missions to complete, all of which can earn you unique characters and abilities. You'll need to be a decently high level for most of them, though. The current event, Eyes Closed, has Jahan ready to be earned, and a fairly amusing side story with him being a bourgeois bugger.

You can also look into the Nightfall event for Dylan, and the Ominous Throne event for Theodore. Take a look at each, you'll probably be able to finish the first few rounds simply enough, even if you've just started out.

Venture is another good option, which currently offers some Training Quests which can get your Pang, Tica and Naya characters to Tier SR, making them much more powerful and giving them a range of abilities.

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Strength in numbers

Having a small but strong team is a great way to start out, but you'll soon need a bigger, more capable team in order to head out into battle with.

The best way to increase your numbers is with the Infusions we've mentioned before, each of which is guaranteed to net you a new low level character.

It's another good reason to keep peeking at events too, as you'll often see a high tier character being teased, and the only way to earn them is of course to jump right in!

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