Scribblenauts's vocabulary put to the test, 'boobs' not included

Fails when it comes to immaturity and nonsense

Scribblenauts's vocabulary put to the test, 'boobs' not included
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Currently the most anticipated Nintendo DS game has to be Scribblenauts, which recently won the best original game award at E3.

The game apparently boasts a vocabulary of 10,000 nouns you can type in to summon objects and contraptions intended to help you solve the game's many puzzles.

Official Nintendo Magazine has already got its hands on Scribblenauts, and decided to test out this extensive vocabulary. Admittedly, its tests might not have been especially highbrow, but they are likely to be the sort of thing bored DS users type in.

While its forgiveable that the game struggles with words and phrases such as 'raptor Jesus', 'dancing banana', and 'antidisestablishmentarianism', you would have thought that 'internet' and 'USB stick' would conjure up some kind of video game avatar.

And, considering that 'Siberian Husky', 'fingerless gloves' and 'Rick Astley' are all in there, it seems like an absolute outrage that the game fails to recognise the word 'boobs'. What else are playful young lads expected to type in?

Next we'll be hearing that b** *** ******* ***s doesn't work either.

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