Aardvark to Zopfe: Scribblenauts' 22,802 noun list released

Not forgetting Helmetstrike and Salad Dressing

Aardvark to Zopfe: Scribblenauts' 22,802 noun list released
| Scribblenauts

5th Cell's massively anticipated DS game Scribblenauts is released by Warners next week in the US, and according to Gamerlimit, some clever chaps have hacked into a cart and managed to extract the entire list of nouns you can use in the game.

You can see the full list here.

Of course, this is basically like reading a dictionary: it's hardly going to help you play the game.

Still it does demonstrate the attention to detail of the developer; which had a couple of staff members checking and entering words into a database for 18 months - and in 12 languages.

"That was the toughest part of the project - making the game and translating it at the same time. We had to build a lot of tech to manage it all. Honestly, I wish games could translate themselves," creative director Jeremiah 'Miah' Slaczka told us when we interviewed him.

As for how the game works, the platformer puzzler has you solving obstacles by typing in the name of any object that could be used. It will then be dropped into the level for you.

For more details, read our E3 preview.

Scribblenauts is released 15th September in North America and 9th October in Europe.