Scribblenauts writes up a million sales

A big bag of cash

Scribblenauts writes up a million sales
| Scribblenauts

When it comes to game sales, one million is the magic number, so it’s good to see that Warner and 5th Cell’s innovative DS action puzzler Scribblenauts has reached that figure.

The game has you guiding character Maxwell through his side-scrolling 2D platform world by writing down any object you can think of on the top screen pad. It will then appear on the bottom screen for Maxwell to use to overcome whatever puzzle or obstacle he's grappling with.

You can combine countless objects - 22,802 nouns are listed in the game’s dictionary - in various experimental ways to solve the levels.

"We are extremely pleased with the sales of Scribblenauts and credit the game's innovation and wide appeal in making it a hit with gamers of all skill levels," said Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

"Scribblenauts is one of our strong original brands, and we look forward to bringing consumers more quality gaming experiences as part of our portfolio game strategy."