Zynga launches Scramble Live for iPhone

Multiplayer word game with Facebook features

Zynga launches Scramble Live for iPhone
| Scramble Live

Social games publisher Zynga has launched its second iPhone game, Scramble Live - a conversion of its existing Facebook game.

It's a casual word game where you have to make words from a jumbled grid of letters. It's multiplayer too, so you're playing against people over the network.

Not just iPhone and iPod touch users, either. The game ties into the existing Facebook game, so you can play against the more than one million monthly active users of that title.

There's also a solo mode, and a play & pass mode for turn-based multiplayer action with friends who are actually with you at the time.

Scramble Live is available today on the App Store for an introductory price of £1.79 ($2.99 in the US), although it's due to rise in a couple of days' time to $4.99.

Fancy a go? You can get it by clicking the 'Buy It!' button below.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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