ScourgeBringer, the popular metroidvania roguelike combo, launches onto mobile later this year

ScourgeBringer, the popular metroidvania roguelike combo, launches onto mobile later this year
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Flying Oak Games has announced that their critically acclaimed Metroidvania-meets-roguelike ScourgeBringer will be released onto mobile devices later this year. Having been out for some time now on just about every console under the sun as well as PC, ScourgeBringer has seen much success amongst roguelike fans, and is hoping to extend its fast-paced brutal gameplay to mobile audiences as well.

ScourgeBringer is an interesting one, mixing genres like nobody's business. It’s first and foremost a roguelike, meaning that you can expect lots of meta-progression between runs and trying to clear as many rooms as possible before you finally drop, which will then be followed by you getting right back up and doing it again. You’ll unlock plenty of new items, weapons, and consumables in between those runs until you finally make it to the end and beat the game.

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As for what that room clearing looks like, think of a 2D platformer but far more action-packed and way faster. You’ll be slashing and shooting a wide variety of enemies and giant bosses that will take up the whole room. Then, you’ll clear out that room and move onto the next, and you’ll repeat this process every run - a simple premise, but the gameplay requires some very quick reflexes and precise inputs. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is one of those big mobile releases akin to something like Dead Souls, which should tell you how excellent of a game it is.

Story-wise, you’ll take on the role of Kyhra as you explore ever-changing dungeons in order to try and uncover the secrets of a long-buried monolith that could potentially destroy the entire world. All you have on your side is your trusty combat drone to shoot with and the blade on your hip, but you’ll slowly begin to unlock more ways to do battle as you progress.

So, if you enjoy roguelikes, ScourgeBringer is one to watch out for without a doubt. If you’d like, you can get ahead of the curve and pre-order it now for $6.99 on both the App Store and Play Store. In the meantime, you can stay caught up with information on the exact release date by tuning into the official website.

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