Score! Classic Goals gets multiplayer, 200 new goals, and a name change in huge update

A real result

Score! Classic Goals gets multiplayer, 200 new goals, and a name change in huge update
| Score! World Goals

First Touch Games has updated its finger-flicking soccer sim Score! Classic Goals with a pitch-ful of new content, and a brand-new name to boot.

First up, the newly renamed Score! World Goals adds "Kick Hints", which helpfully addresses the only real complaint we had of the original release.

While previously we were left pondering how to tighten up our passes and target our shots, this new hint system demonstrates the best kick for each stage of the approach.

Combine this with a new replay feature to study past attempts, and aspiring strikers should have all the help they need to reach those elusive three-star ratings.

Back of the net

As if addressing our one complaint wasn't enough, Score! World Goals also delivers a host of other additional features.

There are now an additional 200 goals from around the world available to purchase and master, while a Daily Goal Challenge enables you to compete with friends around the globe. These are to be further bolstered by regular content updates.

There's also leaderboard and Facebook and Twitter integration, and your standard control and graphics tweaks.

Complementing the score-based challenges, Score! World Goals also delivers a turn-based multiplayer mode. This allows you to compete with friends via Game Center.

If you were a fan of the original - we were, calling it a "a fantastic idea, executed marvellously" in our PG Gold Award review - you should go and grab Score! World Goals now.

Alexander Beech
Alexander Beech
After seven years living in Japan, pocket gaming isn't so much a choice for Alex as it is a way of life. True, he could have woken up at 6am each day to play with friends online in the UK, but he was never a morning person. Instead, he preferred a succession of meaningless encounters with Japanese teenagers. Now, he is hooked.