Nintendo 2DS getting price drop in North America

New games announced

Nintendo 2DS getting price drop in North America

As of May 20th, the Nintendo 2DS will retail for $79.99 in North America.

There's no announcement on whether this price drop will come to other territories, but as we build towards Nintendo's forthcoming NX console, it's safe to assume this is a last-ditch effort from the company to sell the platform.

What's more, some systems will come pre-installed with a copy of the phenomenal Mario Kart 7 to sweeten the deal.

The platform released to mixed reviews, and sales for the 2DS have been mostly underwhelming.

Last reported sales figures were 2.1 million back in 2014, a mere drop in the ocean compared to the 58.2 million units the 3DS has sold.

Still, this is a nice entry point for any would-be Nintendo gamer and you have full access to the full 3DS range, which includes gems like Pokemon X & Y, Monster Hunter 4, Majora's Mask, Super Smash Bros, and so many more.

On top of all that, it's been revealed that Disney Magic World 2 will release on October 14th, and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward hits on August 19th.

Will you pick up a 2DS at this price? Holding out for a New 3DS price drop?