Rush Wars cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

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Rush Wars cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

Level up super quick with this Rush Wars guide

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If you haven't jumped into Supercell's new Rush Wars yet, let me tell you this: you're making a mistake. Rush Wars is finally available on iOS and Android, and you can jump in right now.

There is a technicality, and that is that you can only download Rush Wars if you have an account in a soft-launched territory, or just some skills to get it from another region than your own. We'll leave that to you, though.

Once you get into the game and know how to play, you'll want to get right into leveling up and getting access to more units. And that's exactly what this guide is for.

But EXP can feel tough to come across in Rush Wars, and if you don't use your resources wisely, it could take you even longer to get EXP. But we've got the information you need to get that all done as quickly as possible, so read on for more information on leveling up in Rush Wars.

Why get EXP

So, you need EXP to level up, that must is obvious, but why do you actually need to continually level up in this game? I mean, the experience of your units matters more than your player, right?

Well, yes and no. Your unit's level should be your main concern, sure, but your player level factors into many smaller aspects that will affect your impact in battle.

For one, leveling up your player level will give you access to more units, making the chests at the end of each fight way more valuable. Not bad at all.

Similarly, your own base will allow for more units to be placed in it as your player level goes up, meaning you'll earn more gold and stars from a successful defense.

All of this will accelerate your progress through the game, making it something you should actively look for. Get reading our following tips to level up as fast as possible…

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Important upgrades

The biggest drops of experience for your player will come through when you upgrade your units.

Eventually, when you get enough cards for a unit you'll be able to upgrade them in exchange for a few coins. This will also results in a bunch of experience, more than you'll get from anywhere else.

That means upgrading your units, and therefore ensuring you have enough coins and cards to do so, should be your primary goal in the game.

Every stage counts

You do also get EXP from victories on stages, although, this will be a long and hard road to go up.

You only get one (1) single experience point for each star you earn in a stage, therefore maxing out at only three per victory. That's pretty… harsh.

Luckily, you will still get coins for your victories, which are important for upgrades and other things, so you won't lose out by grinding through some stages.

The importance of chests

The problem with grinding out stages is that you won't eternally be able to grind out chests, your primary source of unit cards.

You will need keys to open chests, and unless you have diamonds (premium currency) to buy some, you will lose out on chests from battles.

You will still get chests from timers on the main menu, but they are few and far between. Keys for chests literally unlock your ability to progress in this game faster.

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