Real princes plow fields - XSEED explains how farming will factor into Rune Factory 4

Reap what you sow

Real princes plow fields - XSEED explains how farming will factor into Rune Factory 4
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The latest installment of the Harvest Moon spinoff franchise Rune Factory is due out in North America later this summer, and publisher XSEED has released a video tutorial to help new players find their way around the farm.

Confused about why there's a farm in a roleplaying game?

While Rune Factory 4 still has plenty of RPG elements and dungeon crawling, its - ahem - roots are still deeply in the Harvest Moon universe, so players will need to roll up their sleeves and toil in the fields before they can start swinging swords.

Sow what?

It doesn't matter if you choose to play as an amnesiac prince or princess, you'll need to clear out your field by swinging axes, sickles, and hammers (it's a very messy field!) if you want to make room for you crops.

Your work isn't over once the field is cleared, however.

Once clear, you'll have to put your royal rear in gear tilling the empty land with a hoe before you plant and water seeds. The reward for all of your (character's) hard work is a harvest of crops that you can sell for money or in-game favours.

This may sound like a lot to manage, but it all flows quite quickly and naturally in the video below.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on a European release of Rune Factory 4 but we'll keep you updated if this should change.

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