Full list of EVERY character in Rumble Hockey

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Full list of EVERY character in Rumble Hockey

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Rumble Hockey is available now on Android and iOS, and for fans of Rumble Stars Soccer, this will be very familiar.

This is essentially the game you already know, with new hockey physics and characters to engage with, but you'll still find the fluffy animals you already love.

Of course, to make a solid hockey team you'll need equally solid players. As solid as the ice beneath your feet, you might even say. 

That's why we've put together a complete list of every playable character in Rumble Hockey, in order of the divisions in which they become available, and we've included their most important stats and description of how they operate in game... You're welcome.

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Training Pond

Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
 Lazy Panda Core   2250  15 Slow  Puck  Shoots if the puck is near enough... Zzzzzz 
 Mr. Fire Core  1.5  Explodes dealing high damage. BOOM! 
 Striker Tiger Pro  4897  17  Fast  Puck  Shoots goals! Passes the puck to friends in the front. 
 Loyal Dog Core  2388  13  Medium  Puck  Always passes the puck to friends. Never shoots goals. Everyone's true best friend. 
 Cannonman Core 5316  15  Opponents  Shoots cannonballs through the air at the closest opponent Rumbler and locks on to them. 
 Raging Bull Core  2845  11  Medium  Opponents  Tackles nearby enemies. Who cares about the puck? 
 Magnetman Core  6963  Stationary  Opponents  Puls 1 opponent Rumbler away from a distance. 
 Sniper Wolf Superstar  5524  17  Medium  Puck  Shoots with epic power anywhere in the field - if given enough time to charge. 

Backwater Pond

Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
 Lover Pro  4981   2 Stationary  Attracts nearby enemies making them non-functional by love. 
 Croco Superstar  6127  Medium  Furiously bites opponent Rumblers and smashes them away. 
 Melon Core  100  2.5  Slow  Cheap unit for quick saves and quick skill goals. 
 Mr. Bigshot Pro  Shoots a barrage of explosive pellets towards the direction he is aiming at. 
 Froggy Superstar  5266  14  Stationary  Puck  Catches the puck from a distance. Shots at the goal instantly. Doesn't move. 
 Bouncy Board Core  Stationary  Springs Rumblers and pucks to opponents side. Destroyed immediately after use. 


Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
 Turtle Spinner Pro  7074  Fast  Spins wildly around the field damaging and pushing opponent Rumblers. 
 General Molotov Core  Creates a field of fire damaging all opponent Rumblers who go through it. 
 Stomparoo Legend  8200  16  Slow  Puck  Jumps to the puck, stomps and shoots! Why stick to the ground when you can go airborne? 
 Tiny Tanuki Core  1473  15  Fast  Puck  Small, fast but fragile scoring Rumbler. Passes the puck to friends in front. 
 Mammoth Superstar  6127  20  Slow  Throws opponent Rumblers back to their side. Doesn't cross halfway line. 
 Royal Dung Pro  5330  Stationary  Repels everyone, except your King Goalie. Beacause... you know... 
 Fan Core  1930  Stationary  Blows and pushes away any Rumbler. Also targets the puck. 
 Hipdozer Superstar  13014  26  Slow  Puck  She might be slow but nobody stops her! Pushes the puck to goal by force. 

Zen Palace

Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
 Bomber Hen Pro  6376  Stationary  Oppponents  Her chicks are explosive! Spawns homing bomb chicks. Very heavy. 
 Lovely Shiba Legend  4555  12  Medium  Puck  Always passes the puck to friends. Never shoots goals. Enemy Rumblers will fall in paralyzing love if they get too close! 
 Fast Monkey Superstar  2726  Fast  Puck  Likes to dribble with the puck with epic speed. Never passes. 
 Camper Koala Core  1930  Slow  Puck  This happy camper doesn't feel like moving too much but will give his best shot if the puck is near. 
 Hamster Trio Pro  1774  14  Fast  Puck  Three nimble hamsters united to push the puck into the goal! 
 Bomba Core  Explodes into 4 smaller bombs, once its fuse burns out. Bounces off Rumblers and walls. 
 Mighty Mole Superstar  4405  11  Medium  - Dives below the field and passes the puck to friends.

"We found a way underground, Admiral!" 

 Mr. Mine Core  Stationary  Digs underground and explodes when opponent Rumblers get near it. 

Ice Valley

Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
 Sly Fox Legend  7633  10  Medium  Puck  Sly Fox becomes invisible to opponents while holding the puck. The effect breaks when he shoots the puck or takes damage. 
 Ice Boy Core  1.2  Creates an icy field that freezes opponent Rumblers that pass over it. 
 Friendly Seal Superstar  3544  13  Medium  Puck  Always passes the puck to friends through the air with her epic flip shot - or towards opponent goal. Doesn't cross midfield. 
 Leeches Pro  1146  Medium  These 3 little buggers leech the stamina out of the Rumbler they target, and slows them down. 
 Fake Puck Core  18  Stationary   Tricks opponent Rumblers thinking it is the actual puck. 
 Dashing Deer Pro  3587  14  Medium  Come rain, hail or snow, this red-nosed Rumblers will take the lead to intercept all opponent passes! 
 Sticky Puffer Superstar  5266  Rumblers stick to it and it sticks to walls! Great for transporting friends and foes alike! 
 Bouncer Bear Core  4904  23  Medium  Opponents  Takes a huge swing against enemy Rumblers when close enough. Doesn't move much. 

Energy Pit

Name Rank Stamina Field time (s) Speed Targets Description
Enchanting Unicorn Legend 9415 13 Fast Opponents Locks onto closest opponent Rumblers and causes them to temporarily change sides. Will retarget if damaged.
Boom Rocket Pro - - - - Causes a big, high-damage explosion on landing. KABOOM!
Crazy Cat Superstar 5266 15 Fast Puck Only approaches the puck if no other Rumbler is in contact with it. Shoots goals. Never passes. When damaged, will abandon the puck and attack the nearest opponent Rumbler.
Energy Pump Pro 7074 26 Stationary - Uses energy to live and lives to give energy.
Reckless Hog Superstar 4835 20 Fast Puck Rushes towards the puck and shoots it towards the goal! Will deal damage to opponent Rumblers that get rammed.
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