Rules of Survival tips and tricks - Five steps to success

The order of operations in Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival tips and tricks - Five steps to success
| Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is, well, a tough game to survive in, and it can be tough to know what to do.

Here, we’re going to breakdown what you should be doing in the game in five stages. Following this advice, you won’t be one of the first to die in each round.

Once you get a bit more experience, these tips will be taking you straight to the top, even in this harsh battleground!

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The safe landing

The very first thing you’ll do in Rules of Survival is jump from a plane and parachute down to the island, and where you land can make all the difference.

Try landing near buildings and, if you can help it, land away from competitors.

If you’re in a squad, make sure to stay close to your pals, in case danger is near.

Tools for adventure

Before you go anywhere, you need a few essentials that you should be sure to carry around.

  • Guns
  • Ammo
  • Body armor
  • Helmet
  • Backpack

Once you’re equipped with the above items, surviving the fights ahead will be much easier.

The hunt

Keep your wits about you and scan the horizon as you move, if you hear gunshots, drop into the prone position and keep moving among grass until you can locate your opponent.

If in buildings, look through windows to locate enemies first, and if you have grenades, throw those in ahead of the breach.

Crouching is good for moving around buildings and can even crouch-run, while going prone won’t let you run. Be careful and make sure to react whenever you hear gunshots while on the move towards the safe zone.

Making a move

If you’re a big distance away from the safe zone, you’ll need to locate a road, and follow it towards the safe zone until you can locate a vehicle like a car or a bike.

If the safe zone is really far away from you have no choice but to run in the open, it’s the most dangerous way of travelling, but you will inevitably get moved from your hiding places because of the safe zone morphing.

If it isn’t too far away, moving on foot is fine, but be careful for combatants.

The last stand

Once the safe zone has contracted, there won’t be many players left, and you’ll need to prepare for your last stand.

Try not to go out in the open too much, and you could even lure enemies into a trap by letting off random gunfire - though that’s a risky game.

You’ll want to stay low and shoot enemies from a distance if you can, otherwise hold up in a building and keep a shotgun ready. Good luck!