Roogoo is go for DS

Wii connectivity revealed too

Roogoo is go for DS
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SouthPeak Games is about to pose an interesting task to DS gamers with the release of Xbox 360 Live Arcade title Roogoo onto Nintendo's handheld. That's to save Planet Roo and all its inhabitants from the evil Meemos by guiding in meteors that sustain and feed life on the planet.

As those who have had the opportunity to play the Xbox Live game will know, the puzzler isn't just about firing those meteors but also rotating land masses to allow those meteors to pass through and reach their targets. That's trickier done than said.

Roogoo was announced for DS a couple of months back but its publisher has now released new information on how the game will play (as well as the first sceeenshots of it in action – pitctured).

Such as the fact on DS the game will deliver over 100 unique levels called things like Meemoo City, Roolands and sky shape diving, all set across ten different environments.

It also features multi-card play alongside the single-player game, where you get more than six different attacks to use against your opponents – such as the Meemoo Attack, Anvil Attack and Meteor Shape Colour Attack.

Probably most interesting though, is the inclusion of Wii connectivity. Link up the two consoles and you'll unlock additional levels in all ten environments in both games. Strangely, all this linking up handhelds and home console seems to be regaining popularity again after a bit of time where no one seemed to be supporting it. Only last week Sony announced the upcoming Resistance Retribution on PSP would be compatible with PS3's Resistance 2.

Roogoo will be heading to DS in spring 2009. Click 'Track It!' and we'll keep you updated on everything Roogoo between now and its release.
Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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