E3 2008: XBLA title Roogoo looking to fit in with DS crowd

Shape-sorting shenanigans feature cross-compatibility with Wii

E3 2008: XBLA title Roogoo looking to fit in with DS crowd
| Roogoo Attack!

Something of an underground success on XBLA, Roogoo takes its inspiration from one of those toddler's workbench-style toys with the coloured pegs and shaped holes – requiring you to rotate floating disks to allow falling meteors to pass through.

In many ways it was quite a surprise to see the game launch on the Xbox 360 – considering the tactile nature of the gameplay it always seemed far better suited to the intuitive controls of the DS and/or Wii.

And now that suitability is about to be realised, as SouthPeak announces a Nintendo-based adaptation of Roogoo.

The DS version promises the same distinct gameplay with just as many levels and variations – albeit unique to the handheld – but also boasts cross-compatibility between the two systems, allowing the DS to act as a controller for the Wii game.

Quite how the handheld console will compete with the already highly efficient Wii remote is yet to be determined, but you can click 'Track It!' below to hear anything the moment we do.

No firm release date has been announced, other than the fact the game should be available "later this year".

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