Spare the Rodland, spoil the child

Classic platformer comes to mobile

Spare the Rodland, spoil the child

Anyone remember Rodland? It was an arcade game originally released in 1990 by Japanese games firm Jaleco. Anyway, Telcogames has snapped up the rights to bring the game to mobile, converting it directly from the original arcade board – a first for mobile, apparently.

The game itself is a platformer starring two fairies called Tam and Rit, whose mum has been kidnapped and locked up in a magic castle; 70 missions, some rainbow shoes, and two magic rods later, you get to rescue her. In short, it's a bit like Bubble Bobble.

Telcogames is promising the game will run at a storming 60 frames per second on mobile, where it's available for smartphones running the Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Rodland is certainly shaping up nicely judging by the screenshots. We've got a fairy expert standing by to review the game, so click 'Track It!' to be told when our review goes live.