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Also out at midnight: Rock(s) Rider - HD Edition, Raider Rush, and Cube Fall - Endless Free Fall

Turtles, Run & Don't get Fat!, Voyagers the Game, Block it, BB-8, Mazeing, SkyShield: Orb Attack!, and QuizTix

Also out at midnight: Rock(s) Rider - HD Edition, Raider Rush, and Cube Fall - Endless Free Fall
| Rock(s) Rider

Take a quick glance at the strap and you'll learn that the NZ App Store this week is fuller than Santa's sack at Christmas - at least for you good kids.

But we're better than Santa because good or bad we're rewarding you all with this list of every single game hitting the App Store at midnight tonight.


Rock(s) Rider - HD Edition - Get it for £2.29 / $3.79 download]
By ECA-Games

Do you dare? Do you want to overcome your limits? Test yourself and face the boss and his gang!

Raider Rush
By Wilhelm Clemmv- Get it for free [download]

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Raider Rush is a fast paced platforming game with super simple touch controls. Jumping and direction is controlled by tapping the left or right side of the screen!

Cube Fall - Endless Free Fall - Get it for free [download]
By Appsolute Games LLC

Control a cube on an endless free fall through an abstract and vibrant world filled with minimalistic obstacles and tight passages! Earn coins and unlock a wide variety of cubes, each with different specs and abilities. How far can you get?

Turtles - Get it for free [download]
By Magma Mobile

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Designed for children and adults alike, Turtles will challenge and stimulate your brain on a daily basis. The goal of the game, turning over all the turtles in the same position is easy and straightforward to understand. However, as you progress through the game, you will be faced with levels of increasing difficulty. With over 5,000 free levels included in Turtles, your days won’t be the same any more.

Run & Don't get Fat! - Get it for free [download]
By Pine Entertainment

A surprising runner with unique twists. Fast speed combined with the cube growing while eating food results in a game three times harder than any other "impossible" games!

Voyagers the Game - Get it for free [download]
By PC Studio, Inc

Voyagers the Game puts you right in the middle of all the action! Your home away from home is the Cloud Leopard ship, where you'll blast off for adventure on all six Voyagers planets!

Block it - Get it for free [download]
By Ketchapp

Don’t let the puck escape! Close the cage by tapping the screen at the right moment when the puck is about to get out. Challenge your friends around you and through Game Center.

BB-8 App Enabled Droid Powered by Sphero - Get it for free [download] By Orbotix Inc.

Over the years, the experience of Star Wars™ has always lived on screen and in our imaginations. The characters, worlds, and adventures have become an unforgettable part of our lives, and toys have kept that magic in our hearts long after we’ve left the theater.

Thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to bring a new part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ into your home in an incredibly authentic way. For the first time, a real Droid™ is finally making its way into your world.

Mazeing - Get it for 79p / $1.29 [download]
By Juha Pennanen

In this little game your job is to guide our tiny hero through an endless maze of asteroids, space whales and shifting gravity fields with his trusty jetpack.

SkyShield: Orb Attack! - Get it for free [download] By Thumbspire Inc.

Your mission is to shield the planet from an onslaught of exploding orbs falling from the sky. Move the shield across the terrain to deflect and destroy them as quickly as you can.

QuizTix: BBC Comedy Genius - Get it for free [download] By QuizTix

Power up your knowledge in QuizTix the collectable quiz game. Unique trivia gameplay that is fun and rewarding: answer questions to win Tix and build an audience.

Collect bonuses, complete daily challenges and unlock achievements. Complete a block of seats to spin the wheel and win bonus Quiz Fizz and power-ups.