Trials HD-inspired Rock(s) Rider heading to iOS on May 31st

On yer bike (and then off it)

Trials HD-inspired Rock(s) Rider heading to iOS on May 31st
| Rock(s) Rider

It looks like Trials HD, it sounds like Trials HD, and - wait, I've done this intro before, haven't I?

Rock(s) Rider - that bracketed 's' is the developer's doing - is the latest in what seems to be an unending stream of contenders for the crown of 'Best Game Featuring a Man Balancing on a Motorcycle'.

More - or, perhaps, just as - importantly, its creator, ECA Games, has confirmed it'll be careering onto iOS on May 31st.

Apart from having an annoying title and a more-than-passing resemblance to Trials HD, Rock(s) Rider features some rather lovely-looking warehouses packed to the gills with wooden obstacles for you to balance over / crash on. It also contains a few new ideas for the genre, such as side-by-side boss battles and trikes.

I need a dollar, dollar

There's also a trick system in place that rewards you for doing flips with cold hard virtual dollars.

While these types of games tend to suffer a bit on touchscreen, we have seen some good examples of late, with Bike Baron and RedLynx's own MotoHeroz both picking up Pocket Gamer Awards recently.

We'll see if Rock(s) Rider can join the podium when the game launches on May 31st.

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